My Home
Earth address:
35 12th line, apt.37,
St.Petersburg 199178 Russia
Phone: +7(812)323-13-74 (home), +7(911)942-86-04 (mob).
Net addresses:,
(See detailed scheme under this picture)

From any direction or transport it is better to go by metro till station "Vasileostrovskaja", on exiting turn left, go west, cross 2 streets, on the 3rd turn right (it is 12th line), go to house 35, enter the yard, there move diagonally left to the door, on calling board ("domofon") press buttons "3", "7", and wait for answer; enter, take lift for 5th floor (starting at 1st floor).

There is a lot of surface transport:
  • to metro station "Vasileostrovskaja": buses 1, 47, 128, route buses ("marshrutki") 10, 30, 44, 120, 128, 147, 154, 175, 183, 249, 273, 273, 298, 310, 346, 349, 349, 358, 359, 359, 362, 386,
  • to the corner of Maly ("Small") prospect and 12-13 lines: trolleybus 9,
  • to the corner of Srednij ("Middle") prospect and 12-13 lines: tram 6,
  • to the corner of Bolshoj ("Big") prospect and 9..16 lines: trolleybus 10, buses 1, 6, 7, 41, 42, 128, 151, 152,
  • 41 bus goes along 12-13th lines (doesn't stop here),
  • besides that my home is not far from metro stations "Primorskaja" and "Sportivnaja".

Here is general scheme of the place. You see it is practically the center of the city and of all the area :)

Rules The Home has its Rules. They are simple, but obligatory for everyone.
  • 1. Your shoes will feel good on the carpet... but they don't use it inside.
  • 2. Clothers style is free... including absence of both style and clothers.
  • 3. Some people smoke here... at the stairs, but never inside.
  • 4. We have many interesting things... which got used to their beoved places.
  • 5. We'll thank you for assistance... only in case we asked for it ourselves.
  • 6. If something is interesting, unclear, necessary for you--ask owners.
  • ...and everything will be OK!

Details for guests:

In this home people live, who have their own habits and principles.
No use to try teach them how to live, or even change habits.
Here often something happens, e.g. bard song parties, esperantists meeting etc. You may participate... or not. It happens.
Sometimes everybody is out. Maybe, at work. Nevertheless, it is quite near, next street, 3 minutes far from home.
We love travelling, so before you come here--contact us by e-mail (not snail-mail!) and know if we can accept you; maybe we're out of the city.
Here is a place for small travel carpet. Sometimes there is a free room, small, but with a bed.
But if you have all needed to live and sleep with you, it is a plus.
Here is internet (dialup) and fidonet access, library and computer.
We are glad to see interesting people, rather than seachers for free sleeping place. Call & write--maybe we'll invite you ourselves.
See you here!